Graduate From High School!

Welp, I did it again. Still a drunkard after all. Some like to say ‘thank God, I’m an alcoholic’. I think that’s bullshit. But to each their own.

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9 thoughts on “Graduate From High School!”

  1. NO, you don’t “earn” alcoholism…
    what you are describing abut yourself is called alcoholism. Not “problem drinking” and the whole “if you don’t have a drinking problem U got no empathy” thing is small thinking. Look at the opiate crisis, the addiction to gambling, foodies, sugar, television… and U find addiction in everyone in the U.S.A practically.
    Your real problem is that you don’t wanna admit it. You want to find sum different room or space to excuse your wanting even one… but You can’t stop at one, ‘cuz what’s the point of “one”? right??????
    You write hungover or dry drunk and want OUT.
    And You are brave for posting your voice… it’s so helpful to listen to a bullshitter…
    it’s so self-correcting in and of itself.
    When you are ready to quit… you will.
    and YOU will love the difference and so want the sober reality… for all the right reasons and nutnin’ U gotta research or preach about.
    I promise.


  2. btw, you can still go to college… You don’t have to stop at what U said…
    when i went to college, Joanne Woodward was a continuing ed student ‘cuz she wanted that for herself. Accomplished as she was as an actress… and we had the same Psychology professor…
    So get sober. Stay sober. You want it.


  3. Thanks. Been sober for five months. Alcoholism isn’t something that’s “earned”, but I’ve observed that the distinction between an “alcoholic” and a “problem drinker” is a touchy subject for alcoholics. I’ve observed this in both AA and rehab. I choose to make no distinction. But when one has gone through this struggle for so long, others can empathize but only the true alcoholic or addict can understand.

    And while I’ve taken shots at higher education over the years, my point has been to attack the old world conception of education being for “the best and brightest” and only knowledge can be contained within brick and mortar institutions. The internet has largely neutralized the necessity for higher education IF one is concerned with obtaining knowledge (not however, if one wants to find suitable employment). There’s A LOT more to that argument, but that’s basically it in a nutshell.

    But thank you for your feedback.


  4. No you haven’t learned about the “distinction” and yer a liar bird, sweetheart.
    This is not a “touchy subject” for stinkin’ thinkers…
    This is your blog…
    and yer SO outing yourself among the elders who KNOW what YOU are and yet like a young sweet punk, yer dissecting it all and in COMPLETE and BEAUTIFUL denial.
    YOU are SO f*cking beautiful.
    SO whaaat if Scott Fitzgerald tells you about you and still dies of a bad (not to be mistaken for a badass) liver?
    for all your bullshit and snobbery and bravado…
    and what is actually straight forward…
    YOU are NOT a problem drinker. YOU one of US. U um em one dem alcoholics.
    for full on transparency… and ‘cuz U followed my blog (thank you)
    i am this woman (also):


    1. Ma’am, I admit to being an alcoholic everyday. I’ve said as much on this podcast.

      “Snobbery”, “bullshit”, “bravado”, “BEAUTIFUL!?”. Can’t deny any of that.

      But you’re crazy. I respect that. Which is why your comments will always be approved 🙂


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